How to be a roommate on my own example

Living with another person and having to adjust to them can be difficult. What is even more difficult and overwhelming is having to start living with someone who you don't know very well. Life can bring someone a lot of different challenges, and one of those challenges is living with one or multiple roommates, and they all come with personality differences.
The first type of roommate is the one who is never there, also known as the ghost. If you are an outgoing person this type of roommate would be hard to get along with because they are never in the dorm when you are in there. If they are in the dorm when you are, they are never there long enough to get to know each other, let alone holding a conversation with you. Although it can get kind of annoying to live with someone you never see, it comes with some benefits. The first benefit is having the entire room to yourself most of the time. The second benefit is you would be able to invite your friends over without having to worry if it is alright with your roommate. The last benefit is that you have less distraction when you're trying to study or doing homework in your room. Now that we know what it's like living with a ghost roommate, picture having a roommate that would never leave and was constantly in your room.
The hermit is the type of roommate that would be very difficult to have because they are constantly in your room and don't ever leave. They make it very hard to have friends or a significant other over. The hermit roommate makes it very difficult to want to go back to your dorm because they are always there and is a distraction to you. Due to having a distracting roommate, this makes it very hard to study or do homework in your room. This type of roommate can also negatively influence your mental health. When all your roommate does is mope around the room you should seek other activities outside of the dorms in a healthy environment. Imagine having a hermit roommate that thought they were the boss of the room.
The bossy roommate is another type of roommate that is difficult to live with. They act like the king of the castle, and they make yourself or your other roommates feel like they are less of a person. The bossy roommate acts as if their opinion is the only opinion that matters and the other roommate's opinions have no meaning or value. I have witnessed this type of roommate this year. For example, two of my friends are rooming together and they wanted to switch their room up to give it a different look and it did not go smoothly. They both wanted to lower their beds, so one roommate came up with an idea that would allow them to have both of their beds lowered and have more open space. The bossy roommate didn't allow this idea to proceed because she would have had to move everything off the walls and reorganize and it wasn't ideal for her. In conclusion, the room is now only benefitting the bossy roommate. Now the tallest roommate has her bed lowered, and her side of the room is just the way she wants it. The shortest roommate must have her bed as high as it can go just so everything can fit in their room. Ever since the day they tried to move their room around, the shortest roommate doesn't enjoy going into her room because it is very crowded, and she doesn't enjoy her side of the room. This example has now created an unfriendly atmosphere in their dorm. Although the bossy type of roommate can create a hostile environment, it's not the only roommate that can create this type of atmosphere.
Party animal roommates are constantly inviting their friends over to drink, play music super loud, and cause chaos. They don't have any sympathy for what their other roommate is doing or what they want to do. All they tend to do is drink, hang out with friends and listen to music. This makes it very difficult to study or do homework in your room because they are constantly noisy. Even though there are a lot of different negative types of roommates, they aren't all bad.
The ‘perfect match' roommate is the type of roommate that you get along with right when you first meet them. You are interested in the same things such as the same type of music or movies. These types of roommates seem to be very easy going and are willing to do whatever and talk about different things so there isn't any conflict. The perfect roommate values your opinions and gives you space when you need it. All in all, the perfect roommate understands you.
I was blessed enough to have the ‘perfect match' type of roommates this year. Starting right from move-in day we all just clicked. We all get along and never have any problems with each other. After the first week of school, I knew that my roommates were going to be lifelong friends. Although two out of the three of us are transferring at the end of the semester I wouldn't have changed my decision about coming to the University of Jamestown. This college introduced me to some amazing people, and I am very thankful for it.
In conclusion, living with people you don't know and the different personalities that come with it can be a life lesson. Not every roommate match will be perfect, but that will teach you how to cope with different types of people. Meeting your roommates for the first time can be very awkward at first and it might not always go the way you would like it to go, but it is a lesson in life you need to grasp and learn from whatever comes your way.
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